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Daniel Finn

I am passionate about being witness to the recovery of individuals from life's hardships. My belief in strength and resiliency has served as an important cornerstone to my work with clients. My approach includes a mix of cognitive-behavioral, motivational, solution-focused, and mindful models to assist others in their journey of self-discovery.  I am a licensed independent social worker and have experience working with children, adults, couples, and families. I have also had the opportunity to work with individuals on the inpatient mental health unit, the emergency room, as a behavior analyst for people with disabilities, the homeless, play therapy, and people with addictions. I believe in creating a safe, non-judgmental space for clients to explore and discover their road to wellness.

My career began in 2014, after graduating from Saint Ambrose University in Davenport, IA. My graduate work focused on mental health treatment, policy abroad, as well as the treatment of substance use disorders. My work with clients is individualized and based on clients personal goals. My focus includes depression, anxiety, relationship issues, divorce, anger management, children with behavioral-emotional issues, ADHD, grief and loss, addiction, PTSD, attachment and men's specific issues.

I currently offer therapy services Monday through Thursday 9-5, and Fridays 10-2. Please feel free to contact me.


Grace Ashbrook

Life is full of adventures and hardships that all too often leave us feeling weak, broken, unloveable, ashamed, lost and alone. This journey can be incredibly challenging as well as isolating, especially when we struggle to find healthy support.


I see my role as a counselor to be a supportive guide. Utilizing a non-judgmental and compassionate approach, I work to provide direction through safe exploration of feelings, thoughts and beliefs that interfere with healthy growth. I have a passion for assisting individuals in navigating the way to stability, self-love and wholeness.


I know the discomfort that comes with allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, which is why I approach each person with authenticity and transparency. In my practice, I utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques to meet each person’s individual needs and specific goals. I work well with children, adolescents, adults and families, and I comfortably address life transition stressors, depression, anxiety, trauma, family discord/attachment, addiction and grief. 


I look forward to walking with you on your path to wellness by joining you in your experiences of distress, growth, hope and joy.


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending” - C.S. Lewis


Jessica Hanson

My experience as a therapist makes me well suited to address issues surrounding various areas
of mental health; such as, clients struggling with anxiety, depression, and other disruptions in
mood. My work focuses on life's journey. Traveling with my clients through the ups, downs and
detours life often throws at us. I have experience working with areas specific to mental health
symptomology, perinatal mood and anxiety, women's specific needs and issues specific to adolescent development.

My training utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Interventions. I work with clients to alleviate disruptive symptoms through
solution focused interventions and challenging destructive methods of coping. I am certified as a
Level II EMDR Clinician. I have also completed training with with Postpartum Support
International to address concerns related to Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

I currently offer individual counseling Monday-Thursday afternoon and evening, and Friday and Saturday mornings. I also host a monthly support meeting at Mercy Hospital for mothers struggling with symptoms related to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Please feel free to contact me with questions. 


Kate Bechen

I began my experience working with addictions in 2000.  Within this agency, I worked with several populations including adolescents, women, men, and individuals with a dual diagnosis. I have also had the opportunity to work in several different programs including a hospital inpatient and outpatient  mental health unit, an outpatient employee assistance program offering mental health services for employees and their families. I also worked in a school based program offering mental health counseling in a high school.


I have been in Private Practice since 2013.  I have experience working with children, adolescents, and adults.  I enjoy working with individuals as well as couples and families.  I have experience working with anxiety, depression, addiction, lowered self worth, mood disorders, trauma, attachment, women specific issues. relationship issues, communication issues, stress management, and working to resolve thinking patterns that are impeding a person’s ability to move forward .  


The foundation of my counseling is to authentically provide an accepting, non judgmental and compassionate space for you to share your story.  Together, we will begin to work on creating a new narrative that supports growth and the release of old patterns, habits and beliefs that no longer serve you.  My approach in therapy is one that focuses on both the mind and the body.  The techniques that I use in counseling include traditional talk therapies as well as  mindfulness,  art therapy techniques, somatic therapy techniques, meditation, yoga techniques, and breathwork.  I also offer play therapy and theraplay for children and their families.


Lori Ollendick

Successful therapy is the result of effective collaboration between client and therapist.Choosing the right therapist for you is a very personal decision and can seem like an overwhelming task so finding the right "fit" is so important. I value creating a strong, trusting relationship with my clients and want them to feel that they can be comfortable and open sharing their burdens in our sessions. I work with the client to promote self discovery and confidence building which in turn helps them to improve their relationships and manage their life challenges.

My style is collaborative, supportive, and compassionate with a client-centered, strength based and solution focused approach. We will work together in defining your vision of more fulfilling life as well as examine, in a non-judgmental way, what beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors prevent you from living the way you want.


Melissa Digmann

In my work as I therapist I take a client- centered empowerment and strength based approach.    I am a licensed Independent Social Worker with over 8 years of clinical and private practice experience working with couples and individuals.  My style is a collaborative, problem solving and solution focused approach allowing you as the individual (or couple) to find the interventions and tools that you can use to reach your goals and gain your power back. In my practice these interventions and tools are explored with an emphasis on whole body wellness, including, but not limited to self-care, nutrition and exercise.

My training includes couples therapy, life coaching techniques, mindful meditation, body image, and food issues.   I have a great deal of experience working with individuals struggling with anxiety and depression symptoms.

Whether you are looking for a sounding board for a transitional time in your life, a 3rd party to mediate relationship struggles or to help with relationship enhancement, or someone to help problem solve and reflect back goals and help work through barriers , I would be honored to assist you on your journey to self-improvement, wellness and confident decision making.


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